Kids Make Dance is a teaching and research initiative that investigates new and innovative approaches to integrating a range of digital tools and technologies into creative, child-centered dance educational programs.

We are especially interested in how digital tools can be used to deepen and expand the dance-learning and creative process when students use video cameras and other technologies to capture, document, assess and revise their work in a collaborative fashion.

And we believe that students are especially motivated to learn and enjoy their dance-making explorations when programs are community-oriented (connect dance learning with important historical and local resources that add greater meaning and a richer educational opportunity) and multidisciplinary (combine a range of relevant art forms that build upon different dance styles and genres).

Our research and focus cover dance educational and performance initiatives that take place in many settings and environments including programs offered at and by:

  • Public and private schools
  • Dance studios and academies
  • Choreographers and dance companies
  • Dance competitions
  • Conferences and workshops
  • Community centers and after school programs

To learn more about our research and upcoming workshops, please contact Kathleen Isaac or Doug Fox.

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