Jock Blocked

Jock Blocked

She can't let him score…

Call it superstition, but when a guy bats as hot as Brooks Elliott, you don't mess with what's working. And what's working is him keeping his pants zipped and doing all of his scoring on the field.

So when I hear he's planning to ditch his V-card now that he's been traded to baseball's lovable losers — aka my home team and my reason for living every March through October — I do what any rational, dedicated, obsessed fan would do.

I make a plan to stop him.

But the thing about stopping him is that it requires spending time with him.

Lots. And lots. And lots of time.

And the more time I spend with him, the more I like him. Not as the guy who's going to help save my favorite team and finally bring home a championship ring, but as the guy who's helping me in my quest to bring back the team's old mascot. Who also loves making pancake and bacon sandwiches. And who would do almost anything for his love of the game.

But after all this time of jock-blocking him… do I even have a chance?

And if I do, are we both destined to a life of celibacy in the name of winning?

Jock Blocked is a home run of a romantic comedy featuring the world's most superstitious sports fan, baseball's oldest virgin hero, a rogue meatball, an adorable puppy with a cussing problem, and the best lovable losers. It stands alone and comes with a happily ever after more satisfying than a game-winning grand slam.

Title:Jock Blocked
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    Jock Blocked Reviews

  • Pippa Grant

    Author's note, one day post-release:AHH!! It's HERE! It's finally here! I hope you enjoy Brooks and Mackenzie every bit as much as I did, and also as much as the Starbucks staff enjoyed watching me ma...

  • Carmen Rae

    Pippa Grant is such a feel good author. I read all of her Bro Code novels and loved them all but I loved the characters even more. They were so great, I loved their crazy, quirky, individuality as muc...

  • Bookgasms Book Blog

    Sports fans and players and their crazy superstitions. . . wear the same socks on away game days. To ensure a win, eat a hot dog at the top of the third inning when the team plays at home and the temp...

  • Alley Ciz

    I want to live inside the pages of a Pippa Grant book. They are legit my happy place. Mackenzie and Brooks are just...I have no words but I love them.This book has pickup baseball game I wish was some...

  • Blair Babylon

    Okay, I haven't had much time to read lately, but I jumped at the chance to read Pippa Grant's newest book, Jock Blocked. It's cute, funny, sexy, sporty, and just all around good fun.Also, I didn't re...

  • Joyce

    Spectacular! Another home run from Pippa Grant! I love baseball, and I love Jock Blocked! Brooks Elliott is baseball’s oldest virgin and he is looking to shed that title after getting traded to Copp...

  • Jenny

    ⚾️⚾️⚾️⚾️⚾️Brooks and MacKenzie’s story is absolutely delightful and just what you need in your life right now. Mackenzie is a Fireballs FAN submerged in a FANDOM so deep she’s ...

  • Marika Ray

    Super funny read from Pippa Grant!! Brooks might be the oldest virgin in all of baseball, but even though the premise might be a bit hard to believe (I mean, based on the description of Brooks and tha...

  • Elysian Fields

    Yes, *$ YES!! 😂😂 This book is everything and by far my favorite from this author (gasps, I know!!). I am a baseball fanatic, I live and breathe it, and the Fireballs are my team (outside the MLB...

  • K-Lanie

    Sports romances are my absolute favorite. This was so cute and fun. I laughed and smiled from beginning to end. ...