Why We Act: Turning Bystanders into Moral Rebels

Why We Act: Turning Bystanders into Moral Rebels


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Why do good people so often do nothing when a seemingly small action could make a big difference? A pioneering social psychologist explains why moral courage is so rare--and reveals how it can be triggered or trained.

We are bombarded every day by reports of bad behavior, from sexual harassment to political corruption and bullying belligerence. It's tempting to blame evil acts on evil people, but that leaves the rest us off the hook. Silence, after all, can perpetuate cruelty. Why We Act draws on the latest developments in psychology and neuroscience to tackle an urgent question: Why do so many of us fail to intervene when we're needed--and what would it take to make us step up?

A renowned psychologist who has done pioneering research on social norms, Catherine Sanderson was inspired to write this book when a freshman in her son's dorm died twenty hours after a bad fall while drinking. There were many points along the way when a decision to seek help could have saved his life. Why did no one act sooner?

Cutting-edge neuroscience offers part of the answer, showing how deviating from the group activates the same receptors in the brain that are triggered by pain. But Sanderson also points to many ways in which our faulty assumptions about what other people are thinking can paralyze us. And she shares surprisingly effective and simple strategies for resisting the pressure to conform. Moral courage, it turns out, is not innate. Small details and the right training can make a big difference. Inspiring and potentially life transforming, Why We Act reveals that while the urge to do nothing is deeply ingrained, even the most hesitant would-be bystander can learn to be a moral rebel.

Title:Why We Act: Turning Bystanders into Moral Rebels
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    Why We Act: Turning Bystanders into Moral Rebels Reviews

  • jeremy

    an utterly fascinating look into the realm of moral courage, catherine sanderson's why we act delves into the science of social psychology to understand what compels (or doesn't) individuals and group...

  • Marc Hammer

    This book can be a bit technical with detailed explanation of research. If you push through, it provides great insight into behavior, decision making and leadership. This book teaches independent thin...

  • Jerry Wall

    Author uses notorious examples of action or inaction, Kitty Genovese, hazing, rape, etc. to demohow each of us can influence bad or good behavior by our actionspeople's priorities change when there is...

  • Crysty

    Contains many important reminders. Read an article in the Guardian (link included) that prompted me to read the book. https://www.theguardian.com/science/2...-...

  • Franke James

    I had a burning desire to read Sanderson’s book simply because I don't understand why more people don't speak up. Don’t they see the wrong? Why do they keep quiet? “Why We Act” has helped me t...